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Techniques Group 2

The following techniques introduce some effects created by brushes.

9. Brushes

There are many different kinds of brushes for painting: flat, round, filberts, liners, angled, etc. Each one produces a different effect. Depending on the kind of brush you choose, create different lines and textures as shown in the illustrations below.


10. Multi-Color Brush 1

The illustration shows how to apply different amounts of paint to your brush. Dip the entire brush into one color; then, dip just the tip of the brush into a second color. Paint onto paper in different directions and patterns. Try using more than two colors for different effects.


11. Multi-Color Brush 2

Use the wide edge of a large flat brush to achieve a different result from the technique described above.


12. Semi-Wet Brush

This technique uses very little paint. Choose a brush with flexible hair, and apply paint to the brush shaping the hairs into points as illustrated. Apply more than one color of paint, and use different types of brushes to create different textures.


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