Water and Color

A Handbook for Beginners

About this Book

This book introduces 28 techniques inspired by the natural elements of water, wind, soil and temperature. The techniques demonstrate how to use water-soluble dyes such as ink, gouache, and watercolors, as well as different kinds of papers, tools, and materials. The texture and quality of the paper, the types of inks or paints and tools used, enhance the artist's skills. Each technique includes step-by-step illustrations.

The author wrote the first edition of Water and Color to share her knowledge of art with beginners. She also wanted to show how natural elements and simple tools make beautiful images using the right techniques. We are proud to offer this book using "print on demand" now available on this website.

Inside this Book

The 28 techniques presented are divided into four groups according to the materials introduced:

Techniques Group 1: papers, inks and watercolors
Techniques Group 2: brushes
Techniques Group 3: calligraphy pens, feathers and other tools
Techniques Group 4: stencils

By learning a few of these simple techniques, you will have taken a big step toward learning to paint. It is very easy. You can begin by using scraps of any kind and color of paper. Just gather your materials and get started!

Enjoy your creations!